The Damage Profile

[SYSTEMS] are used to define which aircraft systems, components or structures are to be monitored on an aircraft. This is where you identify each functional or structural part of the aircraft and define its tolerance to damage.

In its most general form, a system entry will look like this ...

   system.number=%system_name.number%,system strength,system ID tag


   system.number=name,system strength,system ID tag

   "name" is any name you choose to identify the aircraft system, component or structure.

Here's an example ...

etc. ......


system.0=Prop Hub/Engine Gearbox,700,0
system.1=Cowl Flaps,400,2
etc. ......

The parameters (separated by commas) are ...


System number. References the aircraft system from within the DP file. System numbers begin with "0" and continue in order for as many systems, components, or structures as you need to define.


System name (for user convenience only).

CFS2 uses the system name when generating damage messages, like "Klondike 4 hit your Nose Structure!" If you use the placeholder, "%system_name.number%" here, CFS2 will replace it with the name you defined in [STRINGS] for this system number. In Flerk's Corsair for example, CFS2 automatically replaces the string %system_name.0% with the string Prop Hub/Engine Gearbox.


system strength. The measure of an aircraft system's tolerance to damage. Every time this component is hit, its system strength is decreased by some amount to reflect damage. When this value reaches zero, the system fails.

This is a relative measure of damage tolerance. The larger the number, the greater the system's tolerance to damage. How much the system strength is decreased per hit depends on the damage potential of the round passing through the damage box containing this system. The more damaging the round, the more points that are removed for each hit.

You can map multiple components to a single aircraft system.

You could, for example, define an engine oil tank plus left and right oil coolers for your aircraft, each mapped to a different damage box, but all of which are mapped to the "Oil Reservoir" system (ID = 2). Each component could have a different system name and each could have a different system strength, but damaging any of them will affect the "Oil Reservoir" system. This way, hitting either oil cooler or both will degrade or fail the entire oil system.


System ID tag. Used to reference the system function within the CFS2 program. When any aircraft system identified by this ID tag takes damage, CFS2 degrades that system's performance.

CFS2 System Identification Tags

Sys ID Aircraft System Sys ID Aircraft System
0 Nose Structure 30 Starboard Wing Structure
1 Coolant Reservoir 30 Right Wing Structure
2 Oil Reservoir 31 Starboard Guns
2 Port Oil Reservoir 31 Right Guns
2 Starboard Oil Reservoir 32 Starboard Flap
3 Engine 32 Right Flap
3 Engine 1 33 Starboard Aileron Control Cable
4 Engine 2 33 Right Aileron Control Cable
5 Engine 3 34 Starboard Gear
6 Engine 4 34 Right Gear
7 Hydraulics Reservoir 35 Starboard Wing Tip Structure
8 Pilot 35 Right Wing Tip Structure
9 Radio 36 Starboard Aileron
10 Fuel tank 36 Right Aileron
10 Center Fuel Tank 37 Tail Structure (Forward)
11 [not used] 38 Tail Structure (Aft)
12 Right Fuel Tank 39 Port Elevator
12 Starboard Fuel Tank 39 Left Elevator
13 Left Aux Fuel Tank 40 Starboard Elevator
14 Left Tip Fuel Tank 40 Right Elevator
15 Left Fuel Tank 41 Rudder
15 Port Fuel Tank 42 Center Gear (Nose wheel or Tail wheel)
16 Right Aux Fuel Tank 43 Bomb bay
17 Right Tip Fuel Tank 44 [unknown]
18 Fuselage Structure 45 Machine Guns
19 Rudder Control Cable 46 Cannon
20 Bomb Release 47 Port Wing Cannon
21 Bomb 47 Left Wing Cannon
22 Elevator Control Cable 48 Starboard Wing Cannon
23 Left Wing Structure 48 Right Wing Cannon
23 Port Wing Structure 49 [unknown]
24 Port Guns 50 Starboard Cheek Gun
24 Left Guns 51 Chin Gun
25 Port Flap 52 Upper Gun
25 Left Flap 53 [unknown]
26 Port Aileron Control Cable 54 Port Waist Gun
26 Left Aileron Control Cable 55 Starboard Waist Gun
27 Port Gear 56 Lower Gun
27 Left Gear 57 Tail Gun
28 Port Wing Tip Structure 58 Front Copilot Gun
28 Left Wing Tip Structure 59 [unknown]
29 Port Aileron 60 [unknown]
29 Left Aileron 61 Lower Rear Gun
62 Torpedo

Having defined the structures, systems and components of your aircraft, it's now time to map those systems to the appropriate damage boxes using the [BOXMAPS] section of the damage profile.

[BOXES] The Damage Profile [BOXMAPS]