FX Efeks

A 3D Model to Display CFS2 Effects Files (.fx)

Ever wonder just what a particular special effects file (.fx) looks like all by itself?

With FX Efeks, you can test every special effect file (.fx) in your CFS2 EFFECTS folder.

It's designed so that each time you hit the space bar, the effect being tested appears 25 feet in front of the model. You can use this model in any CFS2 Mission, but it's easier to see what's happening when you use it in "Free Flight."

Files include ...

  • FX Efeks, the complete CFS2 Aircraft Add-On Package
  • Project file (.fsc)
  • Set of FX Test files (.fx)

Download the FX Flyer package FX Efeks

Description:  This simple model was created solely to display the effect files (.fx) used in CFS2.

CFS2 uses the FX file fx_mzlflsh_s.fx to produce the machine gun muzzle flash you see on your model when you pull the trigger or hit the Spacebar.

In the folder .../CFGSE/FX Test Files, which you downloaded with this guide, you will see a number of subfolders, each named for a specific effects file, e.g. FX_AIREXPL_S. Inside each of these subfolders is a single file with the name "fx_mzlflsh_s.fx." This file is a renamed copy of the FX file corresponding to the folder name, e.g. "fx_airexpl_s.fx." In every one of these folders, the file named "fx_mzlflsh_s.fx" is actually the effects file with the name of its folder.

To test the effect "fx_airexpl_s.fx," simply copy the file "fx_mzlflsh_s.fx" from the folder FX Test Files/FX_AIREXPL_S into the CFS2 EFFECTS folder. When asked if you want to replace the current file, Click OK.

Open CFS2, go to "Free Flight" and select the model "FX Efeks" from Player Aircraft. Set your view of the model so you can see both the model and the small red ball 25 feet ahead of the nose.

Hit the Spacebar. The effect "fx_airexpl_s.fx." appears, emitting from the center of that small red ball. This shows you the effect without forward motion involved.

Effect - fx_airexpl_s.fx

Take off and fly the model. Hit the Spacebar and hold it down. You'll see a continuous display of the effect "fx_airexpl_s.fx" as it appears in flight!

Effect - fx_airexpl_s.fx

CFS2 sets its effects list on opening and does not change it just because you select another aircraft.

To see another effects file, exit CFS2 and select another folder from FX Test Files. Copy that version of "fx_mzlflsh_s.fx" into the CFS2 EFFECTS folder. Restart CFS2, select "Free Flight" and repeat the above test.

If you want to add more or different effects to the FX Test Files folder, simply create a new subfolder and name it after the effects file you want to test. Copy the corresponding FX file into the newly created subfolder and give it the name "fx_mzlflsh_s.fx."

This may seem a bit of work, but it's a great way to see the effects on the ground and in flight. It really helps when you're trying to decide which effect you want to use in your own model's damage profile.

Feeling ambitious? Build a collection of screenshots with FX Efeks so you can quickly find the best effects to use on your model.