FX Flyer

FSDS Model to Demonstrate Animations and Break Away Parts

The FX Flyer model is designed with SCASM coded animations and features that demonstrate how easy it is to add or modify animations in an FSDS-generated model and how to give it the added bonus of visual breaking parts. This upgraded model incoporates all the features previously used on the models FX Animate, FX Break and FX Fighter.

FX Flyer

Download the FX Flyer package

Files include ...

  • FX Flyer, the complete CFS2 Aircraft Add-On Package. The CFG file and DP file are orginals designed for use on Flerk's Corsair. The AIR file is for an F4U-4 Corsair.
  • FSDS Project file (.fsc),
  • FSDS Object Source code files (.sca), (includes both original and edited versions)
  • Model HEX code file (.rtf)

Description:  This simple 3D model, based on the F4U Corsair, was created to demonstrate stock and keyframe animated parts.

project    =    fxflyer.fsc
sim    =    fxflyer.mdl
title    =    FX Flyer
original object source code    =    fxflyerORG.sca
edited object source code    =    fxflyerMOD1.sca

Stock Animations:    l_aileron, r_aileron, l_flap, r_flap, elevator, rudder, prop_still, prop_slow, prop_blurred,c_wheelsteer

Keyframe Animations:    cowling_l, cowling_r, c_gear, c_tire_still, c_tire_blurred, f_canopy, r_gear, r_tire_still, r_tire_blurred, l_gear, l_tire_still, l_tire_blurred, l_wingfold, r_wingfold, tailhook

Weapon Loadouts:
Guns Only
Guns Only Long Range Bombs Heavy (1 - 500lb bomb)
Bombs Medium (2 - 250 lb bombs carried on external mounts)
Bombs Light (1 - 250 lb bombs carried on external mount)
Rockets (8 - 5" HVAR aerial rockets on wing mounts)
Rockets Bombs Light (1 - 250 lb bomb, 8 5" HVAR aerial rockets on wing mounts)


  • Model hierarchy set up for breaking parts.
  • Landing gear wheels change color to indicate motion range.
       c_tire_still, r_tire_still, l_tire_still = Gray material color
       c_tire_blurred, r_tire_blurred, l_tire_blurred = Green material color

  • Propeller hub changes color to indicate motion range.
       prop_still = Gray material color
       prop_slow = Red material color
  •    prop_blurred = Green material color

    FX Flyer

  • Break away parts = Orange material color.

    FX Flyer