FX Painter

FSDS Model to Demonstrate Bullet Holes and Texture Swapping

How in the world do the CFS2 stock models display bullet holes on the aircraft that appear only when the airplane gets hit in combat? How can you get the model to apply a damage texture that reflects combat damage?

The answer lies in the model itself and in the careful application of SCASM coding.

Studying the files included in this package will teach you a great deal about special effects modeling. Once you learn the simple secrets of dynamic texture swapping, you'll be amazed at the stunning results you can achieve.

Download the FX Painter package

Files include ...

  • FX Painter, the complete CFS2 Aircraft Add-On Package. The CFG file and DP file are orginals designed for use on Flerk's Corsair. The AIR file is for an F4U-4 Corsair.
  • FSDS Model Project file (.fsc)
  • FSDS Object Source code files (.sca), (includes both original and edited versions)
  • Model HEX code file (.rtf)

Description:  This simple model based on the F4U Corsair demonstrates dynamic texture swapping for CFS2 models.

project    =    fxpaint.fsc
sim    =    fxpainter.mdl
title    =    FX Painter
original object source code    =    fxpaintORG.sca
modified object source code    =    fxpaintMOD1.sca
edited object source code    =    fxpaintSCA.rtf
model file hex code    =    fxpaintHEX.rtf

Stock Animations:    l_aileron, r_aileron, l_flap, r_flap, elevator, rudder, prop_still, prop_slow, prop_blurred

Keyframe Animations:    cowling_l, cowling_r, c_gear, c_tire_still, c_tire_blurred, f_canopy, r_gear, r_tire_still, r_tire_blurred, l_gear, l_tire_still, l_tire_blurred, l_wingfold, r_wingfold, tailhook

Weapon Loadouts:
Guns Only, Bombs, Rockets


  • Model hierarchy set up for breaking parts.
  • Landing gear wheels and prop hub change colors to indicate motion range
       c_tire_still, r_tire_still, l_tire_still,prop_still.hub = DEFAULT material color
       c_tire_blurred, r_tire_blurred, l_tire_blurred = Green material color

  • Propeller changes color to indicate motion range
       prop_still.hub = Gray material color
       prop_slow.hub = Red material color
  •    prop_blurred.hub = Green material color

  • Wing spars, wingtip spars and vertical fin spars display when overlying structure is shot away

  • Plexiglas in canopy and windscreen show bullet holes

  • Model displays bullet holes when aircraft is hit in combat.

  • Model swaps textures to display major damage in stead of losing parts